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46 Architect

46 Architect

First here is to Terence Conran, the Godfather of British design.


So why am I an architect ?


For the following 16 reasons . . . .


1. Suburbia


I believed as an 11 year old that I could change the face of suburbia!  I was passionate about avoiding tradition and homogeneity.  There is a quality to cul-de-sacs thinking of the titles to Brookside that do not add up, when we could be so much more creative in form, material, and construction in order to lift the spirits of everyday families.  My passion.


2. A dream


I have always dreamt of better buildings for all, a kind of democracy in design.  In order to achieve better buildings you need the dreams of designers, and the support and backing of their vision to achieve better results.


3. Status


The status of an Architect is much like being a doctor.  You are given skills, and you search for natural skill in design and construction to achieve your aims in order to make better buildings than before.  You are also given a lot of responsibility to make it happen.


4. Design


I have always been a keen designer ever since studying the work of Terence Conran, Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano. Design is literally my life.  Everything from consequential line to form, to understanding how the whole thing works.


5. Art


Art is such a powerful mode of expression and influences design second to nature.  Art becomes such a powerful tool in order to find inspiration and to look at building as a conceptual art form.


6. Heroes


The Swiss (LeCorbusier) and the Scandinavians (Alvar Aalto, Sverre Fehn)  are big influences because they mastered the art of architecture within the time they existed.  The heroes of today are many more but that is because there is a wider appreciation for architecture as an art form no longer a necessity of choice.


7. Building


Building means one thing execution of design, and is probably the most important part of all.  The best architects have a builder on board, and make their work the best through that affiliation of quality in the finished article.


8. Detail


Detail is by far the most important element of the design process.  Without detail the whole never measures up to what was deemed correct in the first place.  Detail makes the finish of the building and allows the reader of the building to appreciate whether the building deserves appreciation or not?


9. Switzerland


Swiss architecture is by far the best in the World.  There are architects who can never achieve the level of detailing quality that they do, and it is without doubt a place of salvation for the modern conceptual architect.


10. Ideology


Ideology means one has an aim to achieve through their building.  There are those who sit and wait and there are those who apply themselves to go on bettering their buildings.  Ideology is so important in making better buildings for a better planet for good communities.


11. The City


The City is the most important organism in the world, if it works it will function to serve its community.  If it can survive weather changes, power sources and artistic fashions then it will stand up to be a living example to all other major cities of this world.


12. Influence


I want to influence this planet on an environmental level and more particularly on a design level.  I am extremely keen to be building good wholesome passive designs with my signature of object architecture where only the best vision goes for the good of the people.


13. Society 


Society is fundamentally influenced by architecture.  It is the beginning and end of civilization, and should be fun.  Society needs good new architecture in order to represent the up and coming generation and to make a stand on new ways of living and being in the world.


14. Linguistics


Architecture is a language after all, and should be deemed as the grammar of City life.  It shows both past and present, and in some instances future.  Where both collide we start to conjoin different elements of the world, making a continuum of history into the future respecting all methods and styles for their value of the time they were born.


15. Challenge


It is a challenge to create buildings the way we want them, with so many practicalities to take into account, but that is the fun of being a true architect to the World.  We must take heed of what is possible in the World, but also push ourselves to try harder.


16. Creativity


Creativity is without doubt all you need to be an architect, and I have it in bounds.  To make spaces, through plan, elevation and section is exactly what makes me tick.  There are few other vocations where one can get to grips with 3 dimensions of creative space other than sculpture and installation art. 


47 Black

47 Black

45 Vernacular

45 Vernacular