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55 Heart

55 Heart

The occupation of making the Heart.


9th of January 2019, will be a day of reflection, self-reflecting light back into the heart, and ridding the body of darkness. We come across a fork in the road, and the dynamic in our heart remains the same for having the benefit of making a choice. Literally because we chose which direction to go in ourselves. It is only much further down the road that we hesitate to guess whether we made the right choice in the first place. Maybe we did? Maybe we didn’t? Maybe we have come way too far and should have headed back years ago. But in all this is life and it shapes the occupation of the heart to have made choices.


The compunction of recompense for sinning or doing wrong in general heeds a right for the heart, and to learn why we fight, and what we are doing when we do so, makes it the more comprehendible. What in fact we are doing is constantly comparing to our last experience, maybe a big change or small ones, to see if we can live the same great experience again, and sometimes unfortunately we have, to let go and accept it will never happen again in quite the same way, like University days and real life. But this is a part of being human. The collect go mode constantly reverberates wrong habits in the first place, but it reminds us of the good memory. Habitually we rise. There is little atonement if depressed not to experience near to our last good time, and we have energy blockages, ending up in hospital, unless we collocate what is right with what is wrong in the first place.


Serendipity takes feign of making the heart through habitual wrongs, if we use these wrongs. One is often very apologetic for wrong doing, and the evil that lurks in the heart, as a buffer to emotions, when, where by we have not written down that little note and learnt to move on. The wrongs come from stress, fear and anxiety, but would be better put down to a personality trait, as some have it in them to do wrong more often, for their bad upbringing and signs of not letting up: ‘people to avoid!’. Though we are not invincible, so on our journey, we must collect information, wisdom, tips and tricks, to get by with fighting for the heart, until we have enough love for ourselves and the next person on the commuter train, to strike up a conversation and enjoy the ride (the boring bit), just as much as our good day at work.


Loving is good. It could be you are unsure how to love someone you know as we all evolve into different personas. Freedom is the key to love, and so there are a number of forms of love: ‘passionate, platonic, sordid, kind, caring, desperate, dangerous, humble, solvable, non-contrite, untangled, demonstrative, free, lasting, holy, candid, intimate, lasting & glorious. We ought to have a go at all forms of love, but demonstrative tends to come out on top; to copy the love we are given and to demonstrate how to love with that given technique.


If we are fighting, we are fighting to take control, to have the will to do good things. Some just fighting, some just in control, and some only doing good things, like we do here at MONOUNI. To those who must here is a little poem:

Least with regret

I will tell you

Only those with sanctity

Have true control, for the

Fight must be fought, with

An attitude of mind, to be

Truly at rest, at all times

Without this helpful reminder the heart will go too far, so reign it in and love it. We have achieved great things in 2018, now to use the good in your heart, made, to get up the ladder of life, in that self-promotion!

56 Spirit

56 Spirit

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