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58 Stetsa'sonic

58 Stetsa'sonic



The making and unravelling of, stetsa’sonic.


‘What did I say? You can trust me, I am OK!’ This remark was the closure to just having blown my trumpet at a dear friend. Let us re-frame that, I was psychologically in denial of the debasement received by the other party to the conversation. But insisted ‘I am fine.’ Fine with that, hurling abuse and then tracking back to say it never happened in my mind, because I am apologising. That was wrong but lets us continue to discover what Stetsa’sonic really means. A form of acceptance of the deleted. Deleting it all with an apology and starting again and again.


This blog piece is really for those who have ever suffered from any form of hallucination. And who readily admit it. It would be a good time to do so, if you do, to a loved one. These hallucinations can be the result of drugs, alcohol, smoking, vaping, sex, obesity, dairy intolerance and a whole host of inflammatory diseases to the brain: including chlamydia within the body.


Have you ever felt someone was reading your mind, or that you were heard in your head, and the sky was the limit, in the UK about 1 in 3 do hear voices, from the ether? Stetsa’sonic, normally starts with a panic, it gets worse, and then ends in delusional comedy once control is taken back, and you enter into your conversation. The comedy, element, is really the only medicine, so while it has you in your grasp, you end up becoming a self-reflection of the Stetsa’sonic itself. Once one has slowed down, from external pressures, salvation comes. What is marked for deletion, the intrusive, self-deprecated thought process means we will only be real, once we have accepted ourselves, for who we are and avoided the self-criticism.


The backdrop of continued sayings and phrases deletes normality for a surreal annoyance that prolongs into weeks, months or years, unless dealt with; through repetition. The attitude of mind that can prolong it, comes from addictions to porn, drugs, bad energy, futility, inward fighting, the system, sabotage, repetition and particularly bad food, which equals, bad health. One must discover Aaron Antonovsky’s Salutogensis, as a recourse and medium in promoting health, against pathologies, through states of mind, such as coherence. Pathological warfare asks: ‘Is provocation just out to impress?’ Because the seriousness of the bystander loses something: their internal, self-contained, joy and contentment in mindfulness practice, along the way.


There are, alas, 86 billion neurons working in the brain, on, approximately, 80,000 thoughts per day. Roughly one thought per second. To see it, or them pass on a clock face, makes it even more mechanical. So, should we fight, fly or freeze? Ice cold. The war of creation and the creation of war, tells us, those more sensitive, more chimp like are genetically engineered to suffer the lack of imminent subterfuge, and rising CO² levels. Only to gain mental health problems, in the first place, through fear of self and others, from a mishap happening. Fear will cause mishaps! Maybe the condom split. And the STD went to the brain. Not worked out at the gym. And that with a concoction of drugs caused the fear in the first place. FREEZE TIME PLACE. The brain cannot carry on or go any further. Bad parenting.


Once we commit to understanding about our health first, good contraception, and family planning, then off we go! And the Stetsa’sonic patters into the background through distraction. Until one child gets home from school disturbed. Not audible, but open, through fear and self-sabotage. Life must be perfect, so we are 100% self-critical, all the time. Along with the competition of Jonny in the playground with his Grandfather’s pocket watch: to watch those thoughts pass on the oldest time machine around.


Pretence can also cause criticism, so incremental development is required for a child to reach that perfect world. However much the Stetsa’sonic teaches us etiquette in opposition to it, we still get all too caught up in voices, and want the finish line to be past the front door, to say, ‘We’re in!’, ‘We’ve done it first!’ Every family goes through it, it is not unusual. It may just be the children eating sugar, full of energy, full of bacteria and full of intrigue, to a maximum level, until Mum says: ‘Stop wittering Thomas!’, ‘otherwise you will end up like me’ she thinks to herself. Wrong. Example takes precedence, confidence in everything we do, so kindly ask them to stop at points of conjecture. Best caught in the bud.


You cannot make everyone love you. But our differences make our charms. So, Stetsa’sonic must stop here and into the galaxy beyond. We are talking to the Universe. Fresh sheets and a good night’s sleep should put it to rest. Trauma is acceptable, studying ancestry courageous, but we must avoid criticism to stay real in the world. Do we all need a sex scene like that of the Piano scene in 1990’s ‘Pretty Woman’, with Richard Gere, and Julia Roberts, or does it all get a bit ‘cheesy’ if we don’t, after all, that Stetsa’sonic has gone to my head!


We can write our emotions down, and apply them to our relationships, ultimately, we all know, it is what goes in, that is important: LOVE. Both affection and epistemological naturalisms. Then we get the right thing out! Stetsa’sonic is dead.



N.B.: ‘Excuse me this blog piece is ready for editing’,

‘Avoid ritually writing she says!’,

‘Sorry Everyone’.

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