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68 Groupthink

68 Groupthink

n. A philosophy to which all members of an organisation are expected to conform, and which stifles individual opinions.

Cerebral diplomacy entails Groupthink in everything we do as a society, from the social groups in which we become a tribe, to commerce and industry especially government. There is only one way to do things in a democracy, a religion, a society and that is to ‘follow’. We must conform to given traditions, however outdated. Groupthink on a Baduism slant (Window Seat, Erykah Badu, 2010): “So in my mind I’m tusslin’. Back and forth ‘tween here and hustlin’. I don’t wanna time travel no mo.” The strip (see video) identifies the body as a recourse to independent standing for the love of the human form. Getting shot is a consequence of asking to stand out through extremism, but she did it not to follow the crowd, particularly in a secular dogmatic world.

Too expensive an item, it loses function, too cheap and it is worthless. Commerce allows us to access products and Groupthink creates the seemingly, (not truthful) – über cool, of great fandom. To break out of the box and go the individual path not only tells of melancholy on the route to loneliness, but appeals to a greater adult audience. This is not for children – “Just want to hold you belly bee, to ground you, to nature you, and nurture too” (AB 2019).

Everyone is against society, for society rules K.O. Karma-Sutra: this sermon on ‘populism’ is invited, required and included, it is just plain insecurity to feel assured your ‘plain-good’ actions have been received with vigour and you will transcend into a star. The daily grind makes it harder to broadcast such trash with ease. The Roots: ‘And then you shoot your cousin’, uses a plethora of rhyming techniques to show the smallest in difference through each track and as tracks on their own (‘Understand’, The Roots, 2014). “I’m a sex addicted introvert, sucker for a pencil skirt” (‘When the people cheer’, The Roots, 2014), is such an example of the smallest of difference. In fact, the album is almost a 1970’s ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ album, with its hippy mode rather than a regular Black Thought rhyming Opus. There are elements of positivity on the album (‘Tomorrow’, The Roots, 2014) which are up there with the greatest positive songs of all time but we tend to remember this band for their melancholic individual ‘rooted’ path.

The power of struggle means we are like bees to the hive, milk stuck to the glass, and children doting on our moms. We attach ourselves to the storm of the struggle and will not give up on riding it out, however hard it gets often igniting self-pain. Finding the smallest differences along the way are the best things to have on our person.

Green ghetto and urban landscape are where we are headed but this will only empower the urban lover (one of green credentials) so we must embrace the concrete streets. It would be magnificent to see an entirely green neighbourhood to go up a block away. We must see our own timelines with a green future, a frenzy of excitement, above and beyond going too far by secular demands to first R.I.P. ourselves over panic and worry, kindly missing the phenomenological side, to deep inner healing. It is O.K. to do nothing, but to conceptualise with a pad and pen creating good Karma-Sutra on our own growth as a person; we must inaugurate new actions for change without demonstrating where this is all headed, to the powers that be, who do that for us on an everyday basis, but negotiate!

We all have a dark past at times and we should admit it, to find unequivocal and transcendental connections; in order to offload the shadow is required. I remember being angst ridden, perverted and vengeful; longing, invincible and unrealistic; nasty, unkind and too pedantic. I was following Groupthink, nothing got in my way, but to emulate the powers of government, and therefore to have that power in my hands.

To approve a sanction someone must have broken it in the first place, the inevitable. There is room for progression but unfortunately we are habitual and live on repeat. To stay cool never missing an altruistic credence in sesquipedalian expressions, or a quip that doesn’t align with normality, a madness that leads to the wrong kind of tribe. To be enlightened is to invigorate the soul with life not to go off on a tangent, but to find the smallest in difference.

To deliver difference: “You can't hold me down, I still cope. Rain falling down at the BRITs, I'm still soaked. Tried put a hole in our shit, we'll build boats. Two birds with one stone, I'll kill both (What?). Pray, I never lose and pray I never hit the shelf (Two). Promise if I do that, you'll be checkin' on my health (Cool).” (‘Crown’, Stormzy, 2019), one must reach into the aftermath and predict an outcome whether true or not, it is just an interpretation to be reinterpreted, globally, like all good music.

Space and timing are both timeless ways of exciting the instantly gratifying in me. ‘Making’ is a way for creation to exist, in it’s process not drawn too far in execution from the process itself but like a ‘working drawing’ ( Can we make to give and make to receive? We tend to do this with Groupthink in mind, to achieve popularity, but it is those who walk free, whom we want to follow. Our sound, sounds fresher with the expectation of a fan-club, keeping an eye on the storm coming. It is better to make a storm yourself though, through the struggle we have incurred in the melancholy of the individual rise.

Then we perform.

“Say no to Groupthink!”


69 Peace

69 Peace

67 Buds

67 Buds