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69 Peace

69 Peace


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Romans 12:17/18/21

Never repay anyone evil for evil; think through what will seem good to everyone who is watching. If it’s possible, as far as you can, live at peace with all people.

Don’t let evil conquer you. Rather conquer evil with good.[i]


Normally the story of the individual is draped in melancholy struggle. The wind blows its power through the storm and we are attached to it like sausages in a pan; and we ensue that we will not let go of the storm until we have conquered it, only realising for the end, like our crown, to let go of the storm is to conquer all. That storm and our grip on it inspires us to create great things and to see and to speak ‘light’. For the storm has ravaged us, to be re-born if only its sole meaning were one of re-birth and so we supplant ourselves in the earth – happier to be here and to not feel judged for our conquering of evil. In the hearts of people – evil lies. In the hearts of people an imminent storm doeth rage, to see breaking a relationship is not equal or virtuous to gripping the storm, but it will lead the other to rise and create, beyond doubt in a new frame of light.

We are in effect constantly learning to be children again in a new way, one of adulthood. We will have more responsibilities and more time to decipher who we would like to be, but there is still child’s play going on. The co-dependants becoming fixated on stimulants, the leaders rising in business, and the sheep just ‘happy’ to take part. The child in us plays out through creativity, a flow if you like, from one sutra to the next. Karma always dictating our timely presence along our individual path. One of God and one of recognition of the past. Children we are not content if we serve evil and past attachments to storms brewing. If we deny our heads new beginnings: to be virginal and innocent. To stay blessed and to find our time on our own, the greatest dream of man’s accomplishment.

The challenging nature, until we find ourselves über cool means we come to realise history never repeats. Our struggle over evil and the storm raging in our minds, means that we are moving forwards, yet only in preparation for better times ahead. We are doing what all good individuals call ‘groupthink’. Following the cool into über. Making singular judgements on our one, or many frenemies. Giving not receiving, as the individual does. We must follow the herd on our ‘live-days’ to remorse in our vanquishing dreams, like all’s body and party to one, if only thus. But it takes great rest to see anew the day in brand new light and to therefore, touch on our own mighty vision of the World.

Accessibility of a person through commercial or non-commercial gains, means we must be at ease with our creation. The evil we incurred, to make us think good things again, means we are reminded of a child that behaves, that looks up to their elders, sees growth in a plant and reason in an equation. Commerce is just access to goods. Branded and advertised. Played and plagiarized. Cleverness gets you everywhere, in terms of access to the common good: ‘money’. But money is no good unless truly valued. Under-valuing money leads to access of a grotesque nature and our friend ‘groupthink’ that we must all be the same. For the common man is dirty and distrustful. From group to über to the individual, we can feel assured to let go of the storm, to embrace good for evil and to avoid ‘groupthink’ and our conformity beyond ourselves, against our deep-set individualism. Recall yourself, not a not a unique cheapening. Construct from trauma of the past. Those who put their heart on their sleeve, make it to the individual commerce of the newly aligned über group, and that will satisfy our souls.

“Peace to ‘groupthink’: until realigned.”

[i] Wright, Tom, The New Testament for Everyone, SPCK, 2011, London, UK, 361.

70 Friend

70 Friend

68 Groupthink

68 Groupthink