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70 Friend


On phrenology by The Roots (2002): My interpretation of events: 1997 - 2002:

  1. Corsin Biert

  2. Andrew J Brinkman

  3. Niki W Collins

  4. Ivy Lahon

  5. Patric Przeradski

  6. Papa Omotayo

  7. Henry Goss

  8. William Schofield & Kenny Sykes

  9. Andrew W Burrows

  10. Patrick Davey, Eva Diba and Nick Goose

  11. James A Bright

  12. Claire F Thomson

  13. Oliver Dixon

  14. Andrew J Petty

  15. Sion D Williams

  16. Randy Obaze

  17. Isabel R Davies

  18. Amy Tector

  19. ?

The Cosmos occasionally moves forward, but for the present purposes of the environment and as the epicentre of all equivocal relativity from micro to macro, it is time to reverse the planet and the cosmos simultaneously, erroneously, in order to protect the Cosmos.


A sequence can be euphoria, but first there is a lot of explaining to do before we get into the healing game:


‘I am the opportunist, the maverick, people expect me to be a healthy young good-looking convivial king, and well I am!’


I’m the Boss, the King and Prime Minister, AB, BigBoi, your Son & EL because I’m the Gemini. In thousands of years comes Jesus depending on the emergency of the situation, (true EL = Ab’ram – 42 generations before Jesus, my initials are AB and I have a Mother in Aries) for the 3rd World floods, an elliptical land of a Jesus who kept exploring the sea underneath (see: ‘Universe’) in order to gain full knowledge of gravity, remaining on the ground after crucifixion in this world, i.e. always killing himself to know all. When sometimes consequence leaves us with the real answers, which are consequential. My special power = radiating energy to realign the spirit. Granted this is all semantic - (See ‘Pseudo’: 73).


Voices in the mind come from four sources:

01.              Conscious

02.              Sub-conscious

03.              Spirit

04.              Creation


My manic dependence on the opposite sex, is described as a longstanding positive enchantment, to be openly vulnerable in front of the opposite sex! (Or same sex).


The impatience of addiction means we get used to feeling ruined at times, through lack of self-care. The dependence of the ‘pot of gold’ scenario is where all this comes from, spending hours scribbling notes, sometimes of a backward art. Where one cannot afford to forget anything like any great amnesiac writer; but, maybe too self-aware under pressure.


They say you should never admit these things otherwise they become a false reality, with the expansion of change, and contraction of stress, to not be able to follow old habits over again, instead of a fresher, healthier, newer lifestyle!


Art must be used like music, so please go ahead and use this piece, if only you dispose of its creativity.


Some couples I know well: Through criticism.

Creativity / New Life

Work / Recalibrate

Money / Capabilities

Learn / Flow

Lonely / Crowd

Reflections / Fear

Actions / Political 

Competition / Reverence

Art / Cosmos

Ground / Exclusive

Trash / Unusable

Karma / Sutra

Reactions / Critical

Responsibility / Proof

On the ‘Conservatives’:

In order to conserve a growing economy, we must increase the average wage, in turn growing the economy.

Thank you, Speakerboxx!



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71 Make

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