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74 Artefact

74 Artefact

From whence does this karma;

return to. Karman does enter the

heart Whilst Karma lies like art

Through Deuteronomy the

commandments re-glaze

the view of this centurion.


For karma is the lathe

And at worst this centurion’s

grave will be erstwhile his end.

To know it’s from his actions

whence this karma comes

upon which we perpend.


If all bodes well upon this

morning, then light will set

us on high beyond karmic fate

take all your love in your wing

and re-shape your momentary

meandering into future advances.


The accounts in Deuteronomy occur in Moab, 40 days before the Israelites enter the Promised Land, Canaan. It refers to exodus of the true Jewish population, for which the second law is told, by Moses given by God. It describes the years of wilderness wanderings, the importance of faith in YahWeh (an original term for God YHWH), the laws he has given them on which their possession of the land depends, and finally should Israel repent the people, then all will be restored. This was massive for its time.


The Centurion is a relic of old, old money, an artefact found, in the Roman Empire, for which the first house of the Jews was destroyed and then the second on the very same day, years apart. Is the Jewish history, Jewish destiny? Why must they suffer?


We find in ‘everything one invents is true’, and so, Faubert who declared this in a letter to his lover, the Poet Louise Colet. Two days earlier he found the site of a picnic just as depicted in his work, ‘November’, 11 years previous; then regard poor Bovary suffering and weeping in 20 villages across France, his next big thing.


Faubert’s delight, is also quite scary, to not only embody creativity but God. It is literally as we have just stated, that all creative ventures lead to a true life of someone, so feel blessed if you are. Like the Jews, to not only sacrifice themselves as the people of God, amongst Jesus and Mohammed, but to be punished for finding God’s voice, in the crown chakra, the purpose of wearing the Kippah (the small bowl like, Jewish hat).


We say orthodoxy is not right in the West, when plenty are, and are becoming orthodox, to reverse the curse of the end of a historic creative period. (‘Hurricane Andy will blow you away’ / ‘Sion play dead again’ / ‘Will, will take a trip through the mud’). We are all here, and are all involved, so please don’t get so vexed, you are cussing from the wrong angle. Cussing has never helped, “be polite, to be or not to be” (That is the question). Forced requiems refer to ‘Pseudo: 73’ for EL is not my name, but a semantic error, yet not taken lightly will lead to omnipotent ontological Deuteronomy. First lesson and STOP. I’m done with the forced real, now is the time to get healthy!


Righteous is good for the soul, so here I come.


Artefact found is a cornice, a bricolage, a crustacean. A shell, a toy, an animal. The Anima, becomes heterosexual, and creates rhythm. Historical artefacts are full of rhythm of the soul of the maker, sometimes where our plastic people go wrong, coming up to neo-plasticity and the minds adaptability in hard times. That is why Peter Märkli, stands to reason and uses the Faubert quote in his excellent monograph, self-titled: ‘Everything one invents is true’. His work conjures epitaphs of Egyptian hieroglyphics, and form in substance for there is, according to him, little, if no, function but the mass and mess of people in buildings, that quote on quote: ‘perceive directly with your body, and stir something in your soul’.


I am a trained Architect of the Welsh school of Architecture, at Cardiff, Wales, and as such fair more a brutal poetry of element upon element, in order that my final gestalt may make the whole truly more than the sum of its parts. Believing so passionately in detail it becomes architecture, not detail itself. The hiding is in the micro, informing the macro scale of a just functional, almost utilitarian ideal, a little Germanic, or Swiss, ‘God country’. (See, for the sale of ideas, £800 each).


I sit Märkli’s work up there with the best, but sometimes, it is even too fancy for me! However, he uses historicism to just effect. Even Frank Gehry, of Bilbao, Guggenheim fame – one of the big names of the 21st Century Architecture scene, (who never bores), is quoted to use historicism, by way of the beginning of time, and the form of fish, to take it back another notch. We can go back to Max’s plank and spirit, but that would involve the Zeitgeist, and if it is not Low-Key, Lo-La, La-Lo etc. (Japanese reference to “Huh-Ah” & “Ah-Huh” respectively), then I do not know how Meta will evolve?; ‘we get it then we don’t’, ‘we don’t get it then we do’, yet a slight difference from its esteemed root, by way of getting it, if not forced. Everything exists!


Artefact is found.



75 Mystery

75 Mystery

73 Pseudo

73 Pseudo