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75 Mystery

75 Mystery



He configures,

to be bigger than myself.

Well, I’ll tell you about my true real

But I bet he’s got his

Own struggle


For, recognition.

Just put the key

In the ignition.

Electric only flat out,

Yo, this is Extinction

Rebellion, there’s no

Letting go of us

Greta’s got an onion.

And I need

Your opinion?

Should I lose

My religion,

And envision

A filmic musical.

Yo, this is dress rehearsal.

For the tomorrow,

Of a better day.

The way I do it,

Is the only way!

To realise the post-effect,

Of what I’ve left

Just need 50 million . . .

Legacy hunters

Well, I’m a funnel

Sifting gold,

In the weak light

At the end of

a tunnel.


Over and Out,

Stand brothers and sisters.

La, la, lah!


No re-‘Gret’s’!

Calm, collect!


76 Conceit

76 Conceit

74 Artefact

74 Artefact