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76 Conceit

76 Conceit

“What about us.” (Michael Jackson ‘Earth Song’ 1995)

Drugs are just pushing buttons. Making haste on a real you, you don’t really need, and unfortunately it comes across in the vocabulary of the song, beat or rhyme. It is obvious you have been taking something, often because it is dangerous to listen to.

So, when we stop using and making drugs, we find a healing creative force.

A force of invention. Why not? Printing fruit or pouring water on the floor of a gallery is more creative than ‘typing’ yourself as the premise of old money.

The mystery is a mirage of a river creating flow. That flow like Dao, creating many things, many stones to hold onto, but the river of illusion still flows underneath. Those things, ideas or objects are subjectively judged in the mind as useful creativity or obtuse, until a nugget of gold is found. To stop the mystery, by saying it out loud: “I AM GOD” (collectively we empower words, where by the semantic becomes ontological), then you must stop getting in the flow, in the illusive river. But this makes life no fun! Because just like stimulants, we get addicted to the flow, of illusion, for something new to hold onto, like our mothers when we are children, after a hard day at school.

Therefore, this environment is the worst environment – suburbia – to come off stimulants, but to go without, as we find ourselves returning to bad habits here. The answer is to stop and not to get into the river of illusion, in the first place. Therefore, what is healthy in figurative art? When traditionally artists rise to get wasted and use the internal residue from the spirit to find an answer.

What is healthy art? It must be healing rather than demonstrative of the world’s same old truths. Invented rather than done before, new-age rather than old-money. It’s a choice to manage this situation, it’s a habit in the brain. Just stop, because consistency is required, to make a reversal. Maybe stopping everything and having a reason is the answer, for reason without creativity could be mindless. REASON EVERYTHING.

There are only so many days we can hang on for recognition that is of the self’s impression of the work. Like singing about sex, making embarrassment true, if you cannot pull it off. One has a golden idea, but it has been heard before. One has an impression of their own work, and it is effortless, but it is just stuck in the river of illusion; that this gold is for it’s time, and is no longer worth money: the ephemeral.

Here comes historicism, and the historic artefact to base the premise of the work in literature, in the humanities, in social development, to rise above the past with the past in mind. A social revolution.

But if we are to take it seriously, it must be true to the heart. I am mighty pissed off if I am getting a bad reputation, because like anyone you feel, you are not winning. These are just the words of a given opinion, made in a moment of time, and will be thrown out by some of you.

But consider your children, and your lack of organisation in taking care of them because you are secretly on a drug, while they are just playing. The deceit is not good, when conceit neither confides but allows adults a personal life beyond their children. Your truth has just failed morality to bring a better generation into the world.

We are here to celebrate life, and by so doing we must gather and embrace. Find raw talent not manufactured, and finally get real. Our three profanities, are drugs, pushing and bad parenting, our three apprehensions are GOD, REASON & CONCEIT.

Is provocation really the only answer? If so how does it get better.


It sounds like the competition went to your head!





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