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77 Provoke

77 Provoke

Doubt provokes an annoyance in us. Exactly what provocation means, not CONTROVERSIAL, which quite rightly means giving rise to disagreement, useful unless lost on a majority. Power to the people and for the people! Not necessarily explicit or dogmatic, but these too can be unreal. When the world just revolves around us and only us. So, we need difference, modernity and to elicit emotions in each other, to remind, collect and recollect. Old symbology in new paradigms. The symbol of love, hate, peace and war has not changed but the problem has evolved to be different, and quite a personification of everything existing in someone right now, or in any given moment. So, who cares?

I do.

To be unworthy of a good life is never true, and you will make it in time, with patience, and a budding heart to get a move on and have a go. You never forget your first, even if it is not good enough for all. Once you have made it, you can glide out, with the weight of the world on your shoulders as I often do. So, don’t dwell in the past and focus on the positives, your Root, your route, your path, your movement. For it can change in a hum. Be strong, don’t go backwards, take precaution and don’t admit it. Confide in a friend. We all want to riot at some time. But there is a self-consciousness of wrongs in this situation, so, let’s find out why it is such a definitive moment in time.

Because it equals justice. Because it feels right. Because it scares them off. Because it becomes a defining finality in a never-ending cycle that had to end, maybe not where you expected.

We are left today with extinction rebellion, and an egg timer. Time ticking away. Within the egg timer are the following headings, from large at the top, to small in the middle, to large at the bottom:












The Children have turned it upside down and gone straight to power at the bottom. A wild government is all it passes through. So, lets hand over power, before we sly the children out - .gov.

Blake’s famous Jerusalem, that we all once believed in, states: ‘in a pleasant pasture, of burning gold, I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand, Until we have built Jerusalem, in England’s green and pleasant land’. A simple allegory and punchy with it, but who does it serve? None other than a royalist reprieve, enjoying the making of their Jerusalem, just not handing out the gold to those who care.

So, care for justice.

‘And did the Countenance Divine, Shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here, Among these dark satanic mills’.

“Voices don’t exist”, right? (Say the Millers), well I am afraid they do. And if it’s impertinence you wanted to prove, well, I am afraid you are looking in the wrong shop window – ‘blackj-ski’, someone keeps distorting my vocals. It does not take to control to prove ones worth, it takes to inspire. One who is rattled by, or who reacts to criticism is not right. Yet, one who ultimately puts themselves in the line of criticism knows only some of the facts. Our dear friend, communication.

My top five keys to remember:

S: Be wise

A: Don’t admit anything

P: Don’t go backwards

O: Be careful

F: Stay positive everyday

A CLUE IS THE TREE: We all need to stay magnetic.

Covenant for new sanction:

1.      Don’t use drugs to harm another (LAW=coercive drug use)

2.      Don’t run someone (LAW=intentional infliction of emotional distress)

3.      Don’t judge (NEW LAW=only perfection will be taken, i.e. something real)

4.      Know you’ll come to justice (LAW=The justice system prevails).


Don’t provoke, elicit, if only a smile . . .




Matthew 18:18

Isaiah 61:1

Acts 11:9

1 John 4:18

78 Heal

78 Heal