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The most important breakthrough to man and his politics is health.  Through human endeavour we strive to keep our countries alive and well.  However while we hand out medication are we really helping?  One hand gives it out while the other takes the profit, and so cyclically we keep the system in pocket and society stunted.  Where is the love in making mass produced food, causing mass produced illness and therefore mass produced medication.  Along with food there are recreational drugs, smoking and alcohol on the rise as we strive to survive in an over-populated land.  Our dependencies on drugs, sugar and fat are causing attention problems, obesity and mental health breakdowns.  We are constantly battling ourselves over stress and the unnecessary stress we put ourselves under.  This is all operating in a dirtier world as we slowly try to clean up our planet from the effect of the industrial revolution.

Health is and has always been the most important factor to life.  But why are we defining more disease with every breakthrough of the ablution of the last.  Children today suffer from more mental health problems than ever before, and it cannot be just down to a society full of insurance companies defining our every element of behaviour to keep us locked up, safe, yet isolated from the rest of the world.  Where are we going wrong?  There are more single parent families, publicly known disabilities, and general unhappiness.  From the age of remedy we simultaneously find ourselves subjugated to each other’s forms of judgement and justification as to who is best, in a society of celebrity and lost privacy.  Our social media networks keep a track of our every word and our supermarket follows our buying habits.  We are not dictated, but the under-dog to money.  God holds little salvation to our health unless we really believe, and in a whimsical society of ‘Little Britain sinicism’ we often find it hard to have faith in something larger than us and literally ourselves.

Health is by far and away the only thing stopping us achieve.  A workout in the gym or a run through the streets releases endorphins keeps our heart and lungs going and gives us self-credibility to become our ultimate aim: a finely tuned engineered model of humanity.  Seeing health as a money making machine and our traditional take on what seemingly are energy fields, meridians, blood, flesh, phlegm, and bile: the humors, alongside modern theory means we are literally made or not, of money.  To be healthy means we can be safe in the knowledge of having a family, avoiding stress and being a success.  But not being healthy gauges risk to all three; the environment represents our depletion in health in general with constant older age outbreaks of cancer and our self-wear and tear as the environment changes so we find it harder to evolve.  With devolution comes our regression in health and we find ourselves, constantly cutting each other off from community life.  Too many bridges burnt and few with a heart to reach out.  The cost of our health is the system and the system always wins.

Health the first key is so important but it is nothing without the second, education.  Education lacks above all, creativity.  If we had an education on health as opposed to sporadic conflicting newspaper headlines on cancer, dementia, and mental illness, there would be more cohesion on the subject, and more prevention to stop these situations from keep on happening.  Education is a lifetime, at the end of the day.  School only reaches out in a more or less scientific way.  Oftentimes the didactics are wrong for our pedagogy.  We need to think both right and left minded, both right and left handed.  One may take Montessori and Steiner schools as an example of nurture of the true human being inside that body and mind, for they reach in a more creative spirit.  Alongside our nurturing as children we need that love into higher education, with good careers advice, celebration of good work, and special attention to those who need it.  Education never crosses boundaries but simplifies every subject to a scientific methodology of learning for exams.

Education is by far and outweighs all other political policy, because without it one cannot build a country.  The NHS is an important investment but is it a money spinner alongside its more practical life - saving requirements, and so there are so many who could have avoided cancer, operations and medication through taking care of themselves.  Education on the other hand can set someone up to be a success or void of all recognition dependent on its quality.  Inspectors guide us to where the best schools are, but a single teacher can change the life of a student.  Rapport is important to our second key, and the communication of both teacher and student.  We are today surrounded by the Labour legacy of Academy’s and Theresa Mays plans for the return of Grammar schools.  No-one can be sure what is best.  More freedom, and good facilities, or back to basics and more rigour?  There are lessons to be learnt from both.  One is the modern feeling of School for a child, and secondly discipline to do well from the other, but a child is unique, it would take some mix to find perfection.

Every child is unique and so some have better opportunities than others.  Therefore parenting is so important in encouraging a student even in a bad school to find the determination to go far.  This is however possible.  We look to Oxbridge for the finest of education and lifestyle, despite the heavy work load, but what an honour to arrive at such an established set of Colleges.  The old polytechnics are still trying to get up the ranking as new universities, but the established universities make headway in both practical application of their education and research into health, science and technological issues.  Education takes the lead in the UK on a global scale with many foreign students, but it has become an elitist occupation since tuition fees went up, and we are left with bankrupt students continually paying for the best days of their lives, when the property ladder and a car also put a strain on resources.  Creativity is ultimately the answer to persuade a student of their own perceptions, interpretations and solutions in an ever more artistic and creative world.

The third key to politics is business.  Business must start to identify itself as a holistic occupation, identifying what is missing not always competing with other business as we find ourselves in niche markets.  The artisan has won out on today’s commerce market even in the service industry.  We all want a unique product and we will spend more money until the product is right, through research and development.  We are at a breaking point for new industry to cut the market, dictating it, as opposed to following it, and the clever part is that we can charge for our originality as well as our skill in production.  Often hand-made items or specialist skill is required and so smaller stocks with limited numbers and colour combinations.  There is a buzzing scene in East London currently producing clothing, kitchen knives, and furniture on a competitive level yet selling to a small audience.  The key is will they keep their audience and see themselves as craftsmen and women or will they branch out and lose something of the initial aspiration, concept and final product design.

Business needs a market, but it is the product that should provide this, and faith in there being a consumer feeling just like the producer who loves their craft, and the finish and feel of the final product.  There are regulators for all business particularly big business and they are the ones diluting quality, as we can see so evidently in the high street.  There is nothing better than finding a unique product that brings with it novelty, not fashion, and style, and not requirement.  We all want to live artistic lives, so we must have all the gear to suit.  Some retailers continually set the bar for quality, and so build to a level that they can afford to continue putting in the effort to find new and interesting stock, winning awards for their service and making headlines in taste making and style buying.  In terms of office based business not only are we seeing more regulation of environmental business working standards with the ISO 14001 guidelines and green organisations willing to give credibility for very green working, but also modern and alternative ways of working.

Worker satisfaction must be recognised by an employer and good communication to receive the right information at the right time.  Investment from government has to make loans, business starter guides and apprenticeship sponsorship readily available to be a democratic society of forward thinkers.  Investment of business will drive an economy, as well as becoming our own personal traders through the internet.  If money were a problem, whilst recessions are always a threat we have to build while we can and invest in ourselves, not just extravagantly living beyond our means, when building business never stops.  Shared investment is very useful in getting commitment from workers as we all struggle to find the money for a decent pension.  With the pension age rising pension funds are big business, but will they hold value as that age group keeps getting bigger?  If we share our investment interests from employee back to employer like John Lewis, we are wealthier, with more staff benefits, and a family oriented business model, making creativity in business a priority.    

The final key to politics is defence.  The keys are as follows, health, education, business and defence.  Defence today should revolve around the environment, and should not be an automatic form of attack, because an ally is involved heavily in a global war.  We must think for ourselves, and as Switzerland provides an example, be on the defensive not the offensive, encouraging peace with the UN in areas of civil unrest.  War goes on whether we see the light on it or not, there is always a new ideology or extreme vision of how a few would like to see the world, whether religious or otherwise, and so we deliberate about negotiation before it is too late, but never deal with the extremist root of the problem.  We let relations slip, media portray a divide, and no-one cares until a loved one, friend or partner is killed in battle.  The risk turns us off being civilized, and everyone joins forces with one side of a dogmatic take on the world, to the supposed comedic level of a cynical vote for our own opposition through fear and lack of understanding of the problem at hand.

Defence is not only about arms, and sovereignty of how safe a nation resides in its own customs, but also technology.  We must use our defence mechanisms to keep a track of climate change, negotiate climate deals, and prevent wars over water before boundaries are taken over, and the world eats itself alive.  The defence mechanisms are from land, air and sea, we have little knowledge of how far we have affected the sea today, because it is underneath us, and would be too much effort to record stocks of wild fish, and reef damage.  We do this to an extent, but if we were to understand the rise in cancer on land of man and its tamed nature, how far have we gone to mutate the seas, until evolution takes over, and there is little food to eat other than GM stocks.  We must defend the planet as a living whole, and respect what we have and the little we choose to have for our share in the planet.  Encourage organic and local producers, a better air quality through the car we drive, and number of flights we take per year.  We must harness the planet for the next generation.