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The most important expression to wealth is countenance, and showing approval; in a world marred by riches, yet poverty, and fashion, yet inopportunity.  We still need a face to all collective styles, and simultaneously we all have a face to show, as a part of cultural groups or anonymous and individual organisations.  Of course Anonymous themselves hold a status of public knowledge, private, governmental, and established organizational reckoning.  But their signature is a repeated black and white mask of a Latin ‘Mr. Suave’ causing havoc with a cynical smile of innocence in the face of illegal activity to reveal real truths and therefore justice.  The fame of faces is commonplace today but was more iconic in the past when fame was celebrated and not given the shameful treatment it is today to prove someone’s reality can be similar to our worst common denominator outside of the starry lights. 

To make a famous face one needs insolence and aesthetic proportion, to the point that many are outmoded as ever making a famous life.  Many models today undergo rigorous testing of bodyweight to height, but we are seeing more and more with unique and unusual features where the hermaphrodite takes reign in a face.  Beyond a face of reason though is the countenance of expression and our familiarity with a beaming smile from our local General Practitioner who will not prescribe the drugs because it is not as serious as first thought and would rather not break the bad news to you of even a mild illness.  Through parenting our mothers and fathers provide us with happy smiles, and sometimes sad faces, but all in all the happy face is about encouragement and excitement if only to be here, and then achieve something.  There is something rather acquiescent about both being a fan of celebrity and of ones parents, or siblings and friends.  We reside in a community where a smile to the other walking down the street is seen as strength and builds an ephemeral tie for a moment.

Countenance of the ugly, the mild and the famous is harder to find because we do not feel we have a face worth reminiscing over.  On the other hand, some who are plain attractive feel inferior as a minority so tend to be stared at making them shy and retiring.  Others bowl us over with confidence because they have no fear of looks and impressions despite maybe being turned on by an attractive face.  To go back to the first group, it is easily overcome.  A face is merely recognition for what we believe is right and true, and with that comes beauty in the eye of the beholder so we will be found attractive for whoever we are.  Particularly with fame because with that comes fashion and money, definitely a harder world to find trust in though.  Countenance represents how we present ourselves and how we come across, without the human attention to clarity we will be constantly in turmoil over a lost button, not having the money for the bus or just feeling inward looking on a rainy day because our friend has called off going to the art gallery for fear of damaging her best shoes.

The iconic making of a face in the famous depiction of Ernesto Che Guevara shows us strength, honour and retribution.  But his is a face of associated revolution and bloodshed, cost and turmoil to begin again with governing one of the poorest countries in the world, relying on food handouts and state owned public facilities; because he had an ideology.  Now ask yourself the question what is my ideology?  It may be something promiscuous, money oriented, or just spiritual greed, what we have to realise when we walk down the street, we have just seen a million Che Guevara’s with their own naughty secret.  Becoming an adult is surreal through our governance and the desire for the state led authorities to wish us to keep our clothes on.  But through our understanding and learning of social expectation, this means we can go on getting about our business, however it may feel false.  Therefore we become a fixed countenance of ourselves on a mediocre-good day all the time to please everyone except but not exclusively ourselves; what is a subordinate existence.

The second key to wealth is an equation.  Not only of mathematics but words.  The famous Buddhist saying in this light is achievements over expectations, equals quality of life.  Should our expectations reduce and our achievements climb higher we gain a better quality of life.  There are other fun equations to reside over using words.  For example: proof over thought equals reason, less over feeling equals intensity, and positing over position equals appropriate.  These equations tell us of worldly truths that recognise the disjunction of occupational characteristics through etymology.  There are thousands of examples but they can be difficult to conceive.  Once you have created one you have to test it to see if it holds a truth; the equation of longevity, timeless in its persuasion.  If we candidly did this with every word we would find some can take both roles of being greater and lesser to give an achievable outcome.  There is no end to the fun of creating word equations, therefore let us have a go to identify where our ideas lie.                                                  

Equations in maths help us to decipher numerical problems with both known variables and no answer or unknown variables but we know the result.  The equation is a timeless achievement of the great philosophers such as Archimedes, and the Greeks.  But numbers derive from India, one of the oldest civilizations known, and without them we would not have our mathematical symbols.  Where they came from we cannot be sure, but everyone knows the number 9 represents 9 x 1.  0 is a very intriguing number and where our original computation comes from through binary.  One and nothing literally represents reality but what does it mean to represent nothing?  0 is the most powerful number ever known to man because all other numbers are derivative of one.  To equate means to balance and to find equality in money and every transaction or to scientifically calculate a known trait in nature or the man made world.  We would be nowhere without science and mathematics, but to equate words adds a new dimension to an otherwise well-known phenomena, from a prosaic nature to poetic.

The third key is opportunity, and its bounds.  Poverty prevents us from achieving because we feel redundant in our own lives, just staring at four blank walls that have never been designed properly.  Beyond poverty lies talent, and beyond talent lies making a break.  How many really make it in the world of creative talent?  There are many reasons for the problem we face in terms of letting talent rise beyond poverty, but we are starting to reach out in our music, our art and our other creative fields.  There is a problem in the way beyond depression of a forceful kind, and that is finance.  Finance allows for the development and care-free world of a good artist.  But opportunity lies in knowing the right kind of people who will nurture and support you throughout all reasonable failure.  There are of course opportunities lying around us, but it is an education that will stand the stead of time and build a revolution of like-minded in coronate peoples; crowned with a result and an education of timeless understanding and relinquishment into reality from their bubble.

Opportunity means a chance.  A chance at the requisite result one was aiming for.  Opportunity may mean just plugging up the ladder of a chosen trade or business.  Beyond everything else opportunity means having fortune to meet someone one knows from their past or otherwise and to re-kindle a flame of possibility and to create a wealth from this occasion.

77 Provoke

77 Provoke